FREE workshop reveals proven systems medical providers can use to improve their efficiency and increase mood, energy, and focus.  


The Healthy Healer Prescription

Decrease overwhelm and exhaustion without quitting your medical career. 


  • What is your current status of performance and how can prioritizing self-care help you level up at home and the office? 
  • How to spend less time at the office and get more work done. 
  • How to boost your mood without seeing a therapist.
  • Increase your energy without spending more time at the gym. 
  • Why eliminating multitasking and interruptions will improve your relationships and escalate your efficiency. 


Join me on Saturday, August 28, at 9am PDT!

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To Overwhelmed Medical Providers,

Raise your hand if you can relate... 

You have that fire in your soul to help your patients to better health and wellness.

But there’s a problem: 

The amount of time it takes to provide great patient care takes away from all other aspects of your life. Between the electronic health record, emails, labs, and reports plus interruptions and unexpected tasks added to your day. It feels like you are swimming in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. The weight of the world during this pandemic is on your shoulders.

Too many charts to close, labs to check, patient emails to answer, lunch spent at your desk, and constant interruptions and additional tasks added to your day. 

Unfortunately, it eventually all leads to the same thing: 


I’m going to show you how to dig out of this rut in just a second.

Because if you don’t make a change, the damage of this chronic stress and overwhelm will just continue to grow and before you know it, you too may fall victim to the statistics of being a medical provider. We face increased rates of divorce, health problems, mental health concerns, and worst yet… elevated risk of suicide. 

No matter where you are at- performing well, doing okay, or completely burned out, a systematic approach can improve your ability to contain the expectations from work, and allow you to gain more freedom and down time to spend on yourself and your family.