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Women's Restore & Rejuvenate Retreat 



April 22 at 6:00 PM to Sunday April 24 12 Noon 



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A Class for Everyone

There has been no other time in our lives when medical providers have needed more support.

Virtual Work Shops

Occur every one to two months and offer opportunities to connect with healthcare providers, learn new skills, and gain support in creating healthier habits. Click below to register for the first workshop of 2022!


Healthy Healer Group Coaching Program. 

Group coaching will begin in 2022. Learn how to prioritize wellness, balance and healthy relationships in addition to being successful in your medical career. Click on the link below to stay notified of upcoming announcements.

Classes Begin 2022

One On One Coaching

Limited availability for those ready for the fastest pace of change. Enjoy an individualized approach using a proven coaching program. Fast track out of overwhelm and exhaustion and find improved performance, boosted energy and wellbeing, and stronger relationships. 

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I'm Erin Hurley, MD. After twenty years as a leader in medicine, I was tired of the constant fatigue, overwhelm, and strain on my relationships. I started working with a coach in 2017, which helped me begin to make consistent and lasting change.  My patient interactions, health, wellbeing, and personal relationships are all on another level because of this consistent investment in myself- working with a coach.
I still practice medicine and I am now a Certified High Performance Coach. With my experience as a physician, leader, parent, and spouse along with my learnings in coaching, positive psychology, mindset, and personal development, I am helping healthcare providers find a more balanced way to manage their demanding medical career without losing themselves, their health, or their most important relationships.

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